What is Pipedrive?
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Pipedrive is a highly rated sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. It allows salespeople to focus on actions that close deals. It is controlled through a clean visual interface with powerful features such as email integration, goal tracking, reporting and forecasting. Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of the complex sales process.

With an Albacross Workflow integration to Pipedrive, you're able to fill this powerful tool with sales qualified leads that have been identified on your website and filtered based on your specific needs. You can create Organizations, Persons and Deals in the tool and with our custom data mapping feature, you have full control over what data to export even if you're using custom data fields in Pipedrive.ย 

After a simple installation, all of this is done automatically without you having to spend unecessary time on administrative stuff. All you have to do is to close the deal.

Read more about Pipedrive here.
Read the integration guide here.

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