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How do I install the Albacross tracking code with Adobe Launch
How do I install the Albacross tracking code with Adobe Launch
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This is a guide for setting up the Albacross tracking script with the Adobe Launch service.

To get started:

1. Ensure that you have an Adobe Experience Cloud account with sufficient administrator permissions.

2. Inside your Experience Cloud Console, navigate to Data Collection.

3. Select your Tag Property.

4. On the left-hand side of your Tag Property overview, select Rules.

5. Click the Create new rule button.

6. Give your new rule a custom name, e.g. Albacross to easily find the configuration.

7. Now it's time to determine when you want Albacross script to be activated. Click the button Add beneath the EVENTS sub-header.

8. Define when you want to fire the tag. There are three options to launch the script:

  • On Adobe Launch Script (When Adobe Launch is activated)

  • On DOM Ready (When HTML Sctructure is created)

  • On Window Loaded (All content has been rendered)

The earlier your tag fires, the more information the tracking script can collect, however the priority is that your content is loaded properly, so we will choose Window Loaded as the trigger event.

9. Click the Keep Changes button in the top right corner.

10. (OPTIONAL) If you have any specific conditions for when you don't want the Albacross script to load, select this in the next section of the configuration screen.

If you don't have any conditions, proceed to the next step.

12. Now it's time to define the activation of the script. Navigate to the THEN section and click the Add button.

13. Select Custom Code as the Action Type, and then select HTML to create the trigger for inserting the Albacross Script.

14. Click the button Open Editor and then paste the tracking code that you can find in the Albacross platform. If you have several accounts in Albacross, ensure that you are on the right account in Albacross before you copy the code.

After you have pasted the code in Adobe Launch, click the Save button in the top-right.

15. Done! Now you have set a Name to your rule, defined the Event which fires the tag, and defined the Action which inserts the Albacross code as Custom HTML.

✅ Save and deploy the configuration. Now you are ready to start identifying buying intent from your website!

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