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Integrating with LinkedIn
Integrating with LinkedIn
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This is a guide for setting up an Albacross Workflow in order to automatically export your tracked companies to LinkedIn Matched Audiences.


  • A LinkedIn Ad account with Creative Manager or higher access to install apps

  • An Albacross account with Administrator privileges to connect integrations

To get started with setting up a workflow to LinkedIn:

1. When logged in to Albacross, click Workflows and select New Workflow.

2. Choose LinkedIn in the popup.

3. Choose a Name for your workflow. This will be displayed in the Workflows list for quick access if you need to view or edit your settings at a later stage.

4. Choose the Segment you want to use to filter out which companies you want your Workflow to send. This filtering is added through the saved Segments from your account. If you want to create a new Segment or update an existing one, you can do so from the main Intent list.

5. In the Output settings, you can select if you want to Add or Remove records on your Matched Audience.

6a. Authorise the connection between Albacross and your LinkedIn Account. This is done every time a LinkedIn workflow is created since individual LinkedIn profiles are used to create a workflow.

6b. Once the connection is successful, you have to select which Ad Account you would like to connect to.

6c. Select to update your existing Audience, or Create a New Audience.

NOTE: You can only select to update an audience that has been created by your LinkedIn and Albacross workflow.

7. In Data Mapping, you can set which fields you want to use in matching the records on LinkedIn. Mapping the LinkedIn URL to the Company Page URL is usually the most efficient way to match companies, but you also have an option to include other fields to map.

NOTE: Mapping with at least 1 of these Linkedin fields is required: Company Website domain, Company Page URL, Company Name

8. Finally, click the Save changes button to activate your workflow and automatically send companies to your LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

9. Export selected accounts to workflow (optional)

To export tracked companies that matched your segment before the workflow was created, go to the segment you want to target, click “Export” → “Export to Workflow” on the upper right corner of your page.

At “From”, you can choose to either export all the accounts or only selected account; At “To”, select the name of the LinkedIn Audience group you’ve created on step 6c.

Click “Export”, and you’ll see a notification near the chatbot. Now, it’s time to log into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and check your audience from there.

Start building the audience group for your LinkedIn Ad Campaign:

1. Select your target audience

Log into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and start building a new ad campaign.

Under “Who is your target audience”, you can connect Albacross revealed accounts to your ad audience.

Here’s how: Audiences → Third party → Third Party Company → Select the LinkedIn Ad Audience you’ve created on Step 6c.

2. Narrow down your audience.

From “Audience attributes”, you can select different filters to narrow down your audience list for a more precise (re)targeting.

For example, under “Job Experience”, you can select the seniority level under “Job Seniorities” and target only selected departments under “Job Functions”.

3. Wait for LinkedIn to match the audience

Please note it may take up to 48 hours for LinkedIn to match the company profile and build your audience list. Once it is done, you can dynamically see how many people will see your ads from “Forecasted Results” on the right side of your page.

You are all set! ✨

Let’s push your ads to the right audience and hit your revenue goal – faster than expected.

Here's a video walkthrough of the LinkedIn Integration:

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