Batch Tagging
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Tagging companies in bulk can be helpful for several use cases. This feature is most commonly used if you are looking to exclude existing customers from your segment.

In order to batch tag companies, you will need a CSV file that lists the companies you would like to tag.

  • For exact company match: File contains mandatory values for “country” and at least one of “company_name”, “company_number” or “domain

  • For general company match: File contains mandatory values for “domain”. Note that this option may result in several company records being matched based on country locations for the same domain.

A CSV template can be downloaded when you click the Tag button from your Intent Page, then select Upload CSV.

How to batch tag companies:

  1. Click the Tag button from the Intent Page:

  2. Select which tag to apply.

  3. Click Upload CSV:

  4. Upload your CSV file.

  5. Click Apply tags.

A pop-up will appear that lists an overview of which companies from the database were tagged.

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