How is my Leads limit calculated?
Your limit is calculated on a monthly basis and is reset at the start of each month. If your monthly leads quota is 10.000, the first 10.000 companies visiting for the given month will be counted towards your quota.

If a company is showing in the leads list but hasn't had any activity for the active month, they will not count towards your monthly quota, but still be visible for 90 days.

What if the company was counted as a lead in the previous month and then visits in the current month?

Leads are not counted as companies but rather as website visitor opportunities with potential insights on buying intent and activity.

For this reason, if the last activity date of this company is within the current month, it will be counted as a credit to your Leads limit because this is counted as a new monthly insight.

Leads calculation for recurring visitor over 90 days

Leads calculation for recurring visitor over 90 days

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