What is Salesforce?
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Automatically export your leads from Albacross into Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce is the platform where you can collect all your customer interactions in one tool. Organize and understand your customers with a tool that you can customize and scale for your entire organization. 

The Albacross - Salesforce CRM integration allows you to directly send warm leads that have visited your website to your Salesforce CRM, making it possible to put the expansion of your sales pipeline on autopilot.

Integration features you’ll love:

  • Automated data export 

  • Auto reveal of contacts of decision-makers in Salesforce

  • Custom property mapping

  • Picklist mapping

  • Export of segments based on customer profile

  • New and updated leads to your Salesforce 

  • Set the lead source automatically in the workflow

The integration is included in Enterprise plans.

To find out more on how to set up the integration, check out this page:

For more information about Salesforce CRM, visit the Salesforce website.

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