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Integrating with Hubspot
Integrating with Hubspot
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This is a guide for setting up an Albacross Workflow in order to automatically export your prospects to Hubspot CRM.

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To get started with setting up a Workflow to Hubspot CRM:

  1. Make sure that you have a Hubspot account with privileges to connect integrations.

  2.  When logged in to Albacross, click Workflows and select 'New Workflow'.

2a. Choose Hubspot in the popup.

2b. If you haven't connected Albacross to your Hubspot account, you will be prompted to do so. Follow the steps on the screen in order to set up your connection to Hubspot.

3. Add a name for your Workflow. This will be the identifier of the workflow and we recommend you to use a self-explanatory name. This name can always be changed at a later time. 

You can also select when you would like to export the reports on your Hubspot account: Real-time, or Delayed. Delayed exports can be useful if you are also using other tools to update your Hubspot records. This avoids duplicate records because it allows time for duplicate checks before a record can be exported.

4. Add the conditions applied to the workflow in order to filter out which prospect you want your Workflow to send. This filtering is added through the saved Segments from your account. If you want to create a new Segment, you can do so from the main Intent Data list.

5. Choose how the workflow should relate to the existing records in your Hubspot platform. You can choose that the workflow should either only create new records that do not already exist in your platform or only update records that already exist. You can also choose that it should do both. The connection will use the company domain or contact email to compare with your already existing records.

6. Choose the output of the workflow, i.e. what objects to create in your Hubspot platform. You have the possibility to create Companies, Contacts, and Deals. You can of course set the workflow to create all three of these.

You enable these by going to the tab and marking the checkbox. For each object, there will be some default mappings but you will also have the option to create custom data mappings. This is perfect if you have set up your own Custom Properties in Hubspot and want to populate those with the lead’s data.

There will also be some specific options for each object. For example, on the Contact tab you can set up how many Albacross contacts you want to export and filters for the contact details on Keywords criteria such as "Sales", "Marketing" or "CEO" to choose the target roles for your ideal customer profile.

7. When you are happy with the configuration of your workflow you need to save it. Click on the button Save changes.

8. The installation and setup is done and you will now start to receive prospects in your Hubspot account as soon as they are processed. 🚀

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