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Integrating with Slack
Integrating with Slack
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This is a guide for setting up an Albacross Workflow in order to automatically notify you about tracked companies in Slack.

To get started with a Workflow to Slack:

0. Make sure that you have a Slack account with privileges to install apps.

1. When logged in to Albacross, click Workflows and select New Workflow.

2. Choose Slack in the popup.

2b. If you haven't connected Albacross to your Slack account, you will be prompted to do so. Follow the steps on the screen in order to authorize this connection.

3. Add a name for your Workflow. This will be the identifier of the workflow and we recommend you to use a self-explanatory name. This name can always be changed at a later time.Β 

4. Add the conditions applied to the workflow in order to filter out which leads you want your Workflow to send. This filtering is added through the saved Segments from your account. If you want to create a new Segment, you can do so from the main leads list.

5. Choose the output of the workflow, i.e. where the message will be sent. You can choose between Channel, Private Channel, Direct Message, and Group Direct Message. Remember that you can only reach the channels and conversations that the authorized Slack account can reach.

Furthermore, you will have the option to customize what data fields you want your Slack message to include. You do this by checking or unchecking the checkboxes.

6. When you are happy with the configuration of your workflow you need to save it. Click on the button Save changes.

7. The installation is done and you will now start to receive prospects in your Slack account as soon as they are processed. πŸš€

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