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Does Albacross slow down my website?
Does Albacross slow down my website?
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The Albacross tracking script is installed on your website to track company visits to your website. 

To ensure fast performance of our service on your website we optimize our tracking script to not affect the loading speed of your page.

This is how we do it:

  • Our tracking script is loaded asynchronously. This means that your webpage doesn't rely on the Albacross script to be fetched before your page has finished loading.

  • The Albacross script makes use of the browser cache to enable fast loading and performance when your visitor activity is being tracked on your website. 

Could Albacross affect my site's performance? 

We cannot guarantee that your site will not be affected at all since every script and resource that you add to your website will affect your site's performance and depends on where and how you have implemented the script. The Albacross tracking script has been designed and optimized to minimize the impact to website performance.

Why does Google Page Speed test tell me that Albacross is slowing down my site? 

The Google Page Speed service and similar page speed simulators do not always give an accurate picture with tracking scripts such as Albacross.

The Albacross tracking script loads asynchronously and is (if installed correctly), not fetched before your website resources have loaded. 

The script opens up a connection and sends information back to the Albacross servers. While the script loading time is represented by this connection being open in performance analyzer tools, your web page should already have finished loading and the Albacross tracking script is active in the background by loading asynchronously (in other words, it's being loaded in parallel without disrupting your other website resources while active).

When a page speed tool measures a website with the Albacross tracking script installed on it, it includes the time that Albacross takes to request the settings and the time we start to send data back. This is an imprecise analysis of your site's loading speed and does not represent your website performance.

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