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Introducing Workflows via Zapier! 

With Albacross, you can now automatically export your visiting companies (with or without contacts) to your other tools! Zapier connects Albacross to 1400+ platforms and allows you to send your leads to your CRM or marketing tools. 

To enable this feature, you’ll need a paid Albacross account and access to Zapier. 

  1. When logged in to Albacross, click Workflows and select New Workflow

2. Choose Zapier in the popup and follow the instructions on the screen.

3. In Zapier, name your Workflow, choose which segment to pull data from, and select which data you would like to export (Company or Company+Contacts)

Pro-tip: Connect the workflows to one of your created Segments to automatically send your most valuable leads. 

4. Click continue to map out the fields in your chosen tool.

5. Don’t forget to activate the Zap! 

If everything was set up correctly, Albacross will send your leads when they meet the criteria of your chosen segment. 

If you have any questions, please, contact us via the live chat at the right bottom of your screen.

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