We understand that not knowing which exact person visited is a bummer. Unfortunately, it's not technically possible and even illegal in most countries.

Here’s what we have seen - nobody visits a B2B website just to browse. People visit B2Bs when they have a need (either active or passive). Say a company “X” is looking for a CRM. The CEO asks one of the managers to take a look at probable solutions. 

If Albacross captures this company “X”, you can simply put them in your outbound sequence, targeting all C-level executives (or whosoever is your decision maker). 

Even though the manager who actually visited the site is not part of your outbound, you still know that this company needs a solution like yours and chances of the CEO replying “Hey! you know what, we were actually looking for a CRM and you emailed us at the right time” are very high.

Go get them!

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