With Albacross, you can easily export leads to a CSV file, however, this feature is limited on the free plan. 

But if you wish to transfer your leads to a CRM, say SalesForce or another, you can do this as well. 

To enable this feature, you’ll need to use Zapier - a software that helps you to connect different apps together w/o technical skills.

Zapier allows you to create so-called Zap which will transfer the information from your Albacross dashboard every time you press the Export button. 

To set up export leads feature you need:

  • An active Albacross account

  • A Zapier account with the proper plan

1. Head to Zapier and press Create a Zap button

2. Search for Albacross app to select it as a trigger for a Zap

3. Select Exported Lead option from the list

4. Connect your Albacross account by providing the API key. You can find it under your account settings, in the CRM & Integration tab

5. Press Connect Account and paste the API Key of your Albacross Account. 

6. Proceed next and if your account is connected, you’ll see it in the wizard 

7. Test the connection by pulling the most recent leads from Albacross to Zapier

8. Then you can choose any CRM, app, or just a GSheet in Zapier to export your leads to. 

Data fields

This integration works via Albacross API so here are the data fields which you can get via Zapier and use further:

  • Company ID

  • Company Name

  • Country of registration

  • Address (City, Address, ZIP Code) *

  • Number of employees (From - To, Year counted) *

  • Financial report (Revenue, Currency, Year of report, Profit Margin) *

  • Founded at *

  • NACE code *

  • Website *

  • Company profile page in Albacross Dashboard

  • Contacts (Email, First name *, Last name *, Department *, Position *, Linkedin *, Phone number *)

  • Tags (ID, Tag Name)

*- may not be available for all records.

If everything was set up correctly, every time you will press the Export Leads button in the Albacross dashboard, the leads will immediately be transferred to your CRM. 

If you have any questions, please, contact us via the live chat in the right bottom of your screen.

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