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How to install Albacross tracking code to Joomla!
How to install Albacross tracking code to Joomla!

via Albacross Joomla! extension

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If you are running your website on Joomla! CMS, you can smoothly install the Albacross tracking code using the native Joomla! extension

  1. Download the Albacross extension file and save it to your desktop

  2. Log in to your Joomla! Dashboard

  3. In the top navigation, hover over Extensions > Extension Manager

  4. Under Upload Package Manager, click Browse and to the file, you saved previously > click Open > Upload & Install.

  5. Find the new extension under the Plug-in Manager and open the settings 

  6. Copy your unique Albacross Client ID from the Albacross dashboard and paste it into the input field in Joomla!. 

  7. To find the Client ID head to your account settings under the Company Details tab of the Albacross Dashboard or just by clicking here. Here is the dedicated guide on how to find your Client ID

  8. Save your new extension configuration, toggle the Status > Enabled and you’re done. 

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