Here we’ll show you how to sort leads with custom filters and receive reports whenever new leads come in.

Let’s say you have two sales reps. One deals with companies with revenues above 20M, and the other with companies with revenues below 5M.

Both of these reps want to create a custom filter and get weekly alerts telling them about new leads. They might also want to sort leads by the number of employees, lead sources and the location of the companies. 

Here’s how you would set up a filter if you were one of those reps:

  1. Start by locating the filter function in the Web Tracking section of the dashboard: 

2. At the bottom of the “filter box” on the left-hand side you should see a prompt to Create a new filter. Click through and you will see all the filter options along with an entry box to give your new custom filter a name. 

Name the filter Sales person 1, set the revenue to 5M and hit save. You’re not interested in company locations or sources at the moment so you can leave them alone. 

3. You can now hit the Saved filters button (see screenshot below), select your filter and view all the companies that fit your criteria.

4. To make it even better you can get a regular update about any new leads that fit your criteria. All you need to do is click on your name in the top right hand corner of the dashboard and select Email Reports and Create Report. Just pick your filter and set the schedule!

You can save yourself a lot of time with this feature. As you can see from step two, there are lots of options for designing custom filters so don’t be afraid to try them! 

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