In order to install the Albacross code on your Wix website, you will have to use Wix’s App Market to add an HTML widget to your webpage.

1    Log in to your Wix account.
2    Click on Settings and then Tracking & Analytics (see image).
3    Click on New Tool.
4    Select Custom.
5    Paste the script (that you find in your Albacross account) into the box titled ‘Paste the code snippet here’.
6    Then give the Custom Code a name (e.g. albacrossTracking).
7    In the section ‘Add Code to Pages’ select ‘Load code on each new page’ from the dropdown within the ‘All pages’ part.
8    Choose that you want the javascript to be placed in the Head. This should generally ensure that the javascript triggers consistently.
9    Then click on Apply.

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