In order to install the Albacross code on your Wix website, you will have to use Wix’s App Market to add an HTML widget to your webpage.

Please note: Since Wix doesn’t support custom coding, you will need to add the Albacross tracking code to each of your Wix site’s pages via an HTML iFrame. 

Most web browsers set the HTTP referrer header to the iFramed file location, instead of setting the viewed page’s URL, and because of this you can only see data for iFrame URLs and not the actual page URLs.

Also, you can’t use lead flows with Wix, because the Albacross tracking code as well as lead flows script are loaded inside an HTML iFrame.

At first, you should copy your tracking code from the Albacross tool. You can find the code in your client ID, when you log into your account. Then, make sure to check out the following page on how to setup the tracking code:

In order to learn how you can add the tracking code to your Wix site, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your Wix account’s wesbsite edit section;
  • Click App Market on the left-hand side;In this section, look for “HTML” until you find Wix’s HTML iFrame/Embed app and click “Add to Site”


  • Once you add this widget to your website, click “Settings” (gear icon) inside the module, then click the radio button located next to the “Code” line, and then insert your Albacross tracking code into the text box in this window. Click “Update,” when you’re finished.
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