We are updating our privacy policy

Thanks for using Albacross’ products which include Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing.

We're constantly striving to provide a seamless experience and to give you the best products available on the market. To that end, we want to give you an overview of our updated policies including our Privacy Policy and new Data Processing Agreement. The basics of Albacross lies in our capability in identifying companies and not individuals. Thus the services we provide will be fully compliant with the new GDPR legislation, going into effect on May 25, after the recent update to our Privacy Policy and hand out of the Data Processing Agreement. 

It’s easy to be compliant with Albacross 

The easiest way to be compliant with GDPR as an Albacross Lead Generation Customer is to copy-paste a link to Albacross’ updated Privacy Policy into your own Cookie Policy/Privacy Policy. In that way you inform your visitors of all the necessary information regarding the the data collected by us. Click here to read the complete guide.

By continuing to use our services, that is having the tracking script installed on your website or continuous use of the web application, Account Based Marketing service or any other service that Albacross provides,  on or after May 23, 2018, you acknowledge our updated Privacy Policy and agree to the Data Processing Agreement.

Thank you for using Albacross.

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